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Premature rupture of the membranes

The premature rupture of the membranes (= amniorrhoea) appears in 1-2% of all pregnancies. In 30% of the cases, the early rupture (earlier than 37thweek of pregnancy) is a sole reason for preterm birth.The reason is an imbalance between the resilience of the amnion of the most different genesis and the pressure administrated. An intact amnion with sufficient amniotic fluid is not only essential for the foetal development (lung,movement apparatus), but it also offers protection from ascending infections. Regardless of the pregnancy week, an amnion infection syndrome (AIS) clearly degrades the newborn's prognosis. Lab parameters (e.g., interleukin-6 and procalcitonin), which selectively already show a subclinic AIS,have yet to be proven by studies. Hence, in dependence of the pregnancy week, one has to consider a pregnancy prolongation with an increased risk of AIS on one hand or an early birth on the other hand. CME Prakt Fortbild Gynakol Geburtsmed Gynakol Endokrinol 2009; 5(1): 28-36

Pregnancy, PROM,amnion infection, preterm birth

Thorsten Mohr
Frauenklinik mit Perinatalzentrum Level I und zertifiziertem
Brustzentrum, Asklepios Klinik Altona,Hamburg
Reviewer: Michael Bolz,Rostock
und Jörn Siemer,Mannheim

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