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Benign and preinvasive breast lesions

In the present of population based mammography screening programmes there are more clinical occult lesions in the women's breast, which have to be clarified.The recent histopathology findings of core needle biopsies are classified in 5 categories (European Working Group on Breast Screening Pathology).The categories B2 (benign) und B5 (malignant) are most common,but the frequency of histopathology findings with unclear malignant potential (B3) is rising.This B3-category comprises a very heterogeneous group of breast tissue alterations, like atypical intraductal proliferation, papilloma and fibroepithelial tumors. Multidisciplinary meetings have to be present in the diagnostic assessment for case management.
CME Prakt Fortbild Gynakol Geburtsmed Gynakol Endokrinol 2009; 5(1): 58-64

Breast,needle core biopsy,B-classification,breast screening, preinvasive lesions

Anke Kleine-Tebbe 1, Aurelia Noske 2

1 DRK Kliniken Berlin | Köpenick, Berlin
2 Institut für Pathologie, Charité Campus Mitte,
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Reviewer: Nicolai Maass, Aachen
und Mustafa Deryal,Homburg-Saar

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