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Diagnosis and therapy of cervical cancer

Cervical carcinoma is the most frequent cause of death from cancer in the developing world. In the West after the introduction of cancer screening the incidence of precancerosis for cervix carcinoma increased significantly.Cancer screening and the development of new preventive strategies have, therefore, acquired considerable importance. On the basis of clinical studies and of an improved understanding of tumor biology, treatment today can be selected individually and carried out more adapted to the risk for the patient.The survival rate for patients with cervical carcinoma has been significantly increased using multimodal therapies consisting of the Wertheim-Meigs operation and radiochemotherapy.

Anke Thomas, Sherko Kümmel,Jalid Sehouli,
Werner Lichtenegger

Reviewer: Jens Blohmer, Berlin und Oumar Camara, Jena

CME Praktische Fortbildung Gynäkologie, Geburtsmedizin und Gynäkologische Endokrinologie 3/2005: 54 - 62