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Prevention of cancer

Reduction in cancer mortality is a major goal of screening and prevention procedures.Cancer prevention strategies are implemented in Germany since the early 1970s. The efforts are focussed on the most common cancers. More than 60% of all cancers are mainly caused by food, tobacco and alcohol. Obesity and physical inactivity are also associated with increased cancer risk. During the past 30 years, advances in cancer screening and treatment resulted in a decrease of the incidence of some cancers in women, i.e. cervical cancer. A HPV-vaccine can provide new opportunities in the battle against cervical cancer. Up to now there is no successful screening for ovarian or endometrial cancer. Breast cancer screening will be implemented in Germany soon. Individualized counselling and treatment can be offered in these programs.

Oumar Camara

Reviewer: Elke Wierick, Lohsa, und Martin Ruhnke, Berlin

CME Praktische Fortbildung Gynäkologie, Geburtsmedizin und Gynäkologische Endokrinologie 1/2006:60-69