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Ultrasonographic diagnosis of miscarriage

Miscarriage is the most frequent complication in pregnancy. Ultrasound is the main diagnostic tool used in diagnosing the various types of miscarriage and to some extent, in the diagnosis of the cause. Knowledge of the normal sonographic features of early pregnancy is essential for diagnosing pathologic development. The physiologic development of the endometrium, of the gestational and yolk sac, of embryonic growth and heartbeat are sonographically documented. The sonographic signs of miscarriage and their prognostic value for pregnancy outcome are discussed in this article.

If there is only a single sonographic sign of miscarriage and the clinical features are asymptomatic, a follow-up examination should be offered before the abortion is confirmed. The only sonographic sign that is a confirmation of miscarriage is the loss of fetal heart action. Doppler examination of the uterine arteries shows a large overlapping of the normal and pathologic velocity flow profiles in normal pregnancies and pregnancies that end in miscarriage. This examination is, therefore, of no prospective value in the diagnosis of fetal loss. 3D studies reveal additional information in the first trimester of pregnancy. Nevertheless, there are very few data on the subject.

CME Prakt Fortbild Gynakol Geburtsmed Gynakol Endokrinol 2015; 11(1): 32–44

Prenatal sonography, early pregnancy, miscarriage

Christiane Kähler
Schwerpunktpraxis für pränatale Diagnostik, Erfurt
Reviewer: Christian Dadak, Wien,
und Michael Entezami, Berlin

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