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Descensus uteri et vaginae

Anterior and posterior vaginal prolapse, uterine prolapse and enterocele are common clinical conditions affecting many women during lifetime. For the vast majority of asymptomatic women with physical findings of pelvic organ prolapse, no treatment is indicated. Virtually all symptomatic women with prolapse can be treated. Success rates of nearly 90–95 percent are reported for the operative techniques.

CME Prakt Fortbild Gynakol Geburtsmed Gynakol Endokrinol 2016; 12(1): 86–95

Anterior prolapse, posterior prolapse, enterocele, uterine prolapse, reconstructive pelvic surgery

Heiko B. G. Franz
Frauenklinik, Klinikum Braunschweig
Reviewer: Heinz Kölbl, Mainz,
und Werner Lichtenegger, Berlin

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