About CME

According to the SHI Modernization Act (GKV, SHI = statutory health insurance), every five years all SHI-accredited physicians must provide confirmation that they have collected 250 training points from various categories (lectures, congress participation, quality circles, and assessment of knowledge on educational articles). If SHI-accredited physicians do not fulfil these requirements, five years after the Act has come into force, they are threatened with a reduction in fees of up to 25% and, if the worst comes to the worst, the withdrawal of their licence.

Since the 01.01.2006, medical specialists working in hospitals are also obliged to undertake such training, according to the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA).

This system may appear very regimented. However, studies carried out in countries where this type of training (Continuing Medical Education = CME) has been practiced for some time show that it leads most physicians to make alterations to their clinical management.

In this respect, CME training combined with online certification represents an important mainstay in the fulfillment of these requirements. It enables the swift communication of important information to SHI physicians and medical specialists working in clinics.